lost in perth

so i went to perth for a nice n relaxing holiday with qq n phil! i had an awesommmeee time there. most of the time we were eating, shopping, sleeping and ABIT of sightseeing cause the reluctant me hates to sightsee haha. i miss the weather there terribly.

first day

qq posing haha. I ACTUALLY DID VACUUM the place OKAY.

CIAO ITALIA! yummmmsss

our cool nail colour

bestest tiramisu ever! even though our stomachs were bursting, we gobbled this up. ESP PHIL

i like my pink luggage and our wayfarers

second day

2 retards haha

boring perth city but shopping was still good!

at king's park! where we rolled phil down the slope haha

group hug! HAHA

perth at night

my boyfriend (NOT) who is pregnant

drinking in the cold at the balcony (miss that too) before we decided to head to ONXY, a rnb club with alot of big people, and a gross bartender

crazy people after onxy

third day

took the train (which was a freaking long journey btw) to mandurah, a place surrounded by canals, something like venice, BUT we did not even see those things.

simmo's icecream!

with jeremy

on the way back

qq's artsy fartsy pics haha

sherlene's old-people themed birthday party! haha

dying in the cold

with tofu! at metros. a club with many many asians

fourth day

sunset from the balcony

perth club serves cool drinks
this is the very pretty JAM DONUTS!

and JELLYFISH which vic thinks this is what space people would drink haha

last day
40min drive for pizza
bestest pizza ever


zero motivation to study

hello. very random i know. i got zero motivation to study. boo. so i shall blog HAHAHA. these r just very random pictures. what ive been up to for the past 4 months. had great girly(plus the boyfriends) time with my dearest girlfriends. etc mortons at 5pm, guitarheroes, drinkingsessions and girly movies together (:, crazy and drunk birthdays at zouk, happy lunches after school with qq n p, found new places to eat(thanks to phil, its his life) haha, SPRUCE is really nice, meeting panda n amy(drunkard) and school can be fun at times. haha. and of course enny, nick n ken tofu coming back randomly. now its exam time :( till 2nd may! cant wait!

my new flipflops! so cute/ us at mortons for mortinis! yummy beef sandwich n choc-tinis

this was actually new yrs eve at hughs/ new yrs eve at zouk

nick's photography skills-bb advert haha/ enny i miss u!/ lynnnn<3

dennis's bday/ yummy sandwich at thesail

at ken's sister's wedding

at morton's on another day with qq/ we look cute

philly!/ cal,sher,phils bday/ darrennnn haha

<3 manymany/ lish's 21st


twelve + one

ok below is a whole lot of photos. lj was screwed up for qt afew days n finally it good now! ok so we went mambo after our exams. it was pretty fun! the pictures can explain. haha so here it goes

some of us (: slightly high, panda n i

at casa verde for dinners, playing my fave game at my place

crazy dennis n weird dudes behind, all of us!

my lovelies

enny's cam gave us a glorious tan!, weird dudes (they r my friends omg haha)

at casa verde

me n labbit (:

bff(: my princess

at twelve + one yummy desserts, phils new phone

ok mambo again tonight
im pleased with my results so far (:


so went to town for some shopping n lunch today. had lunch at this new cafe called Whisk. its a pretty nice place, food was alright. they made the place to be like a cat's enclosure kinda thing so yea it was quite cute. the clothes this season are not very nice or rather wearable. but there are some pieces i saw online which i REALLY REALLY want! singapore sucks. the clothes come in so slowly. ughs. after we headed to our favourite place for coffee and stuff. the weather today was actually quite nice UNTIL NOW. its raining again. well at least i will have a good sleep later.

this is my really GROSS rice salad thingy

sherwin's very yummy pasta! and en's okay pasta

at prive, pretty xmas deco, and phil trying to teach me his photography skills haha.

then i actually headed home for dinner and went to holland village for coffee again. i think im too free. haha

watched body of lies last night. it was pretty good.



omg im totally bored.
was suppose to meet up with sherwin n phil BUT phil cancelled on us last min! but no worries i understand (: and the weather is terrible! theres no way im gonna leave the house looking at the dark sky even if i drove. i'll be just stuck at one place. this really sucks. and i have no hk dramas to watch! the new ones are not in yet! while ennn is happily glued to her tv(also hk dramas btw which i introduced) haha i think im killing both enn n dennis with my excellent choices hahaha.

well and since im so bored. i just spent almost an hour cleaning n putting my precious bags in the dustbags and arranging it neatly on my shelf. i decided to do it since 1) i was so bored, 2) it looks really messy. everything is dumped on top of one another naked without the dustbags which is really bad but normally i dont really care, its really a HASSEL to have to take it out n put it in, 3) everytime my mum steps into my room, omg she will nag at it NONstop and go on to inspect other parts of my room! which is annoying! hahaha
i decided to make her happy and i have nothing better to do so i decided to waste more time taking photos as well hahaha

so here is my "hardwork" its actually really tiring coz i had to find extra stuffings. somehow everything disappeared. the ones at the bottom in nice black boxes are obviously my precious hahaha as well as the ones to the right. B and Cs are my love.

well at least my room looks A LITTLE neater now hahaha

sherwin's new "mix" is pretty AWESOME! when its blasted out loud. hardstyle all the way and my fave track OH MY GOD

ok this is a totally POINTLESS and LAME entry but im just really bored!

i hope u guys r errm studying hahaha cya soon <3 we can spree on asos together!

ok bye

sucky weather

i hate the weather! its spoils my mood. makes me not want to go out. and this sucky weather is gonna last till jan! ughsssssss.. on a brighter side.. the hk dramas im watching now are AWESOMEEEEE! hahaha ok im being an auntie im sorry

and this is the present ennnn and nick bought for me! (: love it! v apt for casual day instead of the other pair which im annoyed at haha coz one of the crystal thingy dropped! omg..
here is the pretty earrings!! and my favourtie label ever

today went to hongseh to collect the car with my brother.. its always fun going to workshops and the showroom to see new cars n stuff.
here is the newest 430 scuderia. pretty dam nice with the gold rims

so this is what i did today. omg my life is boring hahaha

20th continued

continued my bday "celebrations" on wed! went to timbre for yummy pizzas(esp the roasted duck!), chicken wings! and kebabs! yummyyy then went back to my place for some games n drinks, then headed to zouk! have lots of fun! (:
lazy to type let the pictures do the talking..

all of us

lychee martinis!

thanks for the present! (: i really like it! love love love the "polariods"!



i know its a good thing that exams are over.. BUT it get really really boringgggg sometimes. i do not have to read my notes and texts, therefore i have ALOT of time to ROT. i've been doing nothing since the end of my exams. and i have not rented any new hongkong dramas. i really gotta start doing that soon!!! sometimes there is obsoulutely nothing to watch on cable which annoys me. and at times im really lazy to go out but its so boring at home as well! OH WELLS once i lay my hands on the new hongkong dramas i will definitely stop complaining. hahaha

decided to have lunch yest with qing, sher and dennis at prive! havent been there in awhile and i miss their all day brekkie! but yesterdays scrambbled eggs were wayyy to salty! but still yummy though i ate like 2/3s only. the milkshakes were still as yummy as ever! too bad phil, if u were there u could have finished my eggs! HAHAHA! where were you when we needed you? poor thingggg. the weather yesterday and today SUCKED. so after prive i went home. the weather killed my mood.

our yummy breakfast/lunch + milkshakes                                         qing's chocolate crunch milkshake!

mine and jack's combined birthday at Chang and OOSH

all of us (:

jack and his prada slips                                                                 really YUMMY korean BBQ! feel like having it now!

i had a blast! thanks guys! (: for the present and being there! food was yummy to the max! great company, played silly games! and drank a gross waterfall! : / my 20th was great!

the present they got for me (:

balloons i got when qing, phil n sher surprised me!                family bought me a gorgeous bday cake

i know my bday was like LAST WEEK. but i was having exams! sooo tmr my "bday celebration" continues hahaha.. dinner at timbre and mambo!


ok so finally EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!! but it was a bad end though. the paper was a tad diff. not like super duper easy. oh wells. but i feel quite happy now! no more studying! time to play.... now i can just rot my day away without feeling guilty that i didnt study. (: i can now watch my hk dramas the whole day, shop the whole day, hangout n do nothing else the whole day! yipee!

so anyway, friday was my birthday! and of course i couldnt celebrate it.i was mugging my ass off, tearing my hair out over accounting. at 12midnight! my dear friends! QINGYI PHIL & SHERWIN surprise me at my gate! With very very cute hello kitty and winnie the pooh balloons! (picture still in my camera) and an awfully chocolate cake! I was sooooo surprised and TOUCHED! :D totally made my day! but they were mean they wanted to smash my face into the cake but i warned them hahaha. THANKS SO MUCHHH! :))) many many hugs!

here r the pictures! my camera was charging n after using my bb to take 3 photos! it died on me! so i have no picture of sherS!
and the pictures are really SMALL i dont know why! and if i drag it to make it bigger it becomes v blurry!

but anyways this is the yummy cake! miss QQ and CHOO train, sherwin is behind phil if u can spot him haha

ok im really bored now. haha shall go prepare.
korean bbq with the friends! (: belated celebration!

retail therapy

my econs paper was a total mess.. oh wells guess i wasnt too focused. have no idea WHY.ughhhhsss.. horrible graphs and silly mistakes. hopefully my last paper wouldnt be so bad.
on the brightside, im celebrating my 20th with my friends this saturday! which is oneday after my actual but it doesnt matter. Jack and i actually have the same birthday! so we decided to celebrate together! jack is a very good planner (mon if u guys get married hed prob plan everything hahaha). so we decided on korean bbq at dempsey! i love korean so great! then drinks at oosh.
then wed will be dinner at timbre and then mambo with my school friends!
after that i will not be clubbing for awhile. clubbing is bad, makes me feel gross the next day.
then ennn will be back!
watched 90210 just now. i absolutely love it! think its so much better than gossipgirl etc. pls go watch it!
during my studybreaks ive been surfing online shops like mycatwalk and asos. so many pretty dresses n stuff! i have nothing better to do anyways, i have not rented any new hk dramaserials. haha

here are some gorgeous pieces

this dress is super cute           i really love this one

the embellishments are
so pretty                                       LOVE THIS TOP                                 this outfit looks so good minus the gloves

i shall attempt to get maybe one or 2 pieces after exams if its not gone that is haha
ok back to studying...............